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Our Goal & Vision

Our goal is to work together to build a safe, respectful and nurturing environment focused on maximising each child’s sense of wellbeing and acquisition of skills for life and learning (Belonging, Being and Becoming).


Our vision is for our children as they grow older to reminisce about their time spent at Kenthurst Preschool as a special time filled with the delights and wonders of childhood and a belief that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


Our Statement of Philosophy

The philosophy of Kenthurst Preschool is reflected in our logo’s tree, which represents what has made us special and unique since 1967.


  • The tree itself signifies
    • The tree of knowledge and education. We are a community of learners guided by the National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework, national standards which underpin the professionalism of our early childhood staff.
    • The growth and development of children, families and staff, as we share a journey together, enjoying the now and supporting the acquisition of skills and knowledge for a successful transition to school, acknowledging families as the primary educators of their children.
    • The opportunity to reflect and appreciate the past and to be inspired to dream and plan for the future of the preschool, our children, families and staff.
    • Our semi-rural environment and the value the preschool holds in being part of our local community.
    • The wonder and beauty of nature, the preschool’s bushland gardens and the need to inspire children and our preschool community with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.


The heart canopy reflects how we welcome, care and nurture all involved in the preschool; a place where children, families and staff are at the “heart” of all decisions made.


The colours of the hands on the canopy represent our openness and respect for diversity, and the bright lively colours tell us that Kenthurst Preschool is a vibrant and happy place to be, where the spirit of each child is valued. The hands remind us that the preschool exists for its children and that children learn best through play to become social, confident and capable learners.


The trunk and branches of the tree illustrate the importance of strong and stable management, where the parents and staff work collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for the preschool.




Kenthurst Library Institute HallKenthurst Preschool History

Kenthurst Preschool commenced operation in the Kenthurst Literary Institute Hall on Monday April 3rd 1967 six months after the initial meeting of interested local families to discuss the need for a preschool in the area.


For the first term the preschool operated morning sessions only and charged 60c per session. From the second term, however, it operated full time 9.30am to 2.45pm and charged 85c per day. The Preschool Mothers' Club also commenced in 1967.
In 1968 a Sub-committee was formed to investigate the re location of the kindergarten. Discussions were held and sites inspected during the year, none of which were considered suitable. In December 1968, however, formal application was made to Baulkham Hills Shire Council ( now Hills Shire Council ) for portion of development of Lot 1, corner of Kenthurst Rd and Nelson St, to be considered when the plan should be lodged with Council. The Council subsequently purchased the site and leased it to the kindergarten. Plans were drawn up in 1971, building commenced in 1972 and the new building was officially opened on January 20th 1973.
The original Director of the preschool, Mrs Fillingham, was succeeded in 1971 by Mrs Margaret Bennett who served as the Director for 17 years before her retirement. Mrs Bennett was awarded the Order of Australia  for her services to the preschool and the Kenthurst community. Mrs Jane Sundarum then led the preschool as Director for more than two decades. In 2011, Mrs Leanne Murray accepted responsibility for the future direction of the preschool.


( Ref.  A History of Kenthurst and Annangrove by Catherine Charlton. )